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The Modern Copywriting (Master the Art of selling through Words)

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The EASIEST way to start Copywriting to make your first $10,000 online...

with No Experience, No Clients, No Portfolio, and No Skills.

Copywriting is the Most Lucrative yet Most Confusing Skill in the world.

And You don't know what Copywriting is, How it works, and how the hell you get started.

You're about to Quit and…

Now You're here ↓

Problems you're facing right now:

  • You don't know what Copywriting is because it's so confusing for you to understand.
  • You've No Experience. No Clients. No Skills. No Portfolio and No Future.
  • You don't know How to write a compelling Copy that sells.
  • You're still struggling in the Copywriting field even after much experience.
  • You don't know what's the first step to getting into Copywriting.
  • The Biggest issue: You're still unable to make your first $1 online.
  • You don't know How to Land your first paying Client.
  • You don't know How to write a First Draft — Final Draft — Edit it and Publish it.
  • You don't know How to build your own Copywriting Business.
  • You don't know the Right Mindset as a Copywriter and How to write every day.
  • You don't know How Great Copywriters write copy.

What you can do? Nothing? It was me...

3 Years Back When I Started:

I was confused, I was broken. I had nothing in my Bank account and…

I had No Experience, No Clients, No Income, and No Writing Skills. Even I didn't know how to write and speak English. And then...

I found the Real Secret way, 99% of Freelance Copywriters don't know that got me my Highest Paid Clients. And Now...

I shared my Secret yet super-easy Step-by-step Roadmap in this Book will make you a well-paid Copywriter in less than 30 Days.

How did I find this Fail-proof Roadmap?

I asked and studied more than 500 Young and Legendary Copywriters and stole their Secrets, Techniques, Frameworks, and successful Formulas. And...

I assembled this "Crazy Book" that'll show you the Real ways to become a Pro Copywriter Even if you don't know the ABC of Copywriting.

And Do you know...

Why this is the ONLY Copywriting Book you need

Why should you Read this Book to start your Copywriting journey and make millions:

  • You'll be able to land high-paying International Clients.
  • You'll learn how to create a successful Copywriter career from scratch.
  • You'll have access to the Easiest Roadmap to Copywriting that'll make your career and life.
  • This Book will teach you more than $4700 in Copywriting Courses or Training programs.
  • The Only Book you need to make your first $1 or $100k in Copywriting.
  • Wanna learn Copywriting? Make my words: You just don't need any other BS.
  • I wrote this Book in a way that a 12-year-old Kid can understand. 
  • After completing this book, your Sales copy will convert 10x better.
  • You'll learn the Best Copywriting Skills + My personal experience + The Experience of 1000s of Copywriters + Million Dollars Business knowledge.
  • No BS. No crap. Only Practical.
  • In This Book, I set a 30 Days challenge that will make you a 1% better Copywriter.

Who needs this ULTIMATE Book?

  • If You are New to Copywriting and there is no one to hold your hand and guide you.
  • If you're a College/school student and wanna learn the Art of selling through words.
  • If you're interested in writing, This Book will teach you how to print money by just writing.
  • If you're a Confused, Depressed, and Broken Copywriter, This Book will heal your wounds.
  • If you're a Blogger and wanna learn Copywriting techniques and secrets to writing Money printing Blogs.
  • If you're already in Copywriting but you write Dull copy and get No Sales - No conversions.
  • If you're a Digital Marketer and wanna learn about writing Sellable copy.
  • If you wanna Learn Marketing Psychology, Storytelling, and Persuasion writing.
  • If you don't know How to Draft a Good Copy and How to Edit it.
  • Hello Small Business owner, If you wanna build a Successful Business in every single step, you don't need any other Book.
  • If you're a Non-native English Writer and don't know where to start. This Book is a goldmine for you.
  • If you're a lazy writer and wanna speed up your writing to win more in Business.
  • You want to launch your own Digital Products but don't know how to write a Sales copy.
  • If you wanna Quit your 9-5 and start Earning a side Income on the Internet.

What you'll learn in this Book:

Here's the chapter-by-chapter analysis and Let's see What's Hidden Inside the Book:

Chapter 1: The "Copy" World 

Learn how Copywriting has evolved into the Modern world. The Real Meaning of Copywriting & Copy and How people are making Millions by just writing words.

Chapter 2: The Mindset of a Copywriter 

What's the right Mindset of a Copywriter before starting? — Is Copywriting the Best Career Option for You? See what if Copywriting is not for you? — How you'll Fail in Copywriting and Dark Sides.

Chapter 3: The Beginning (How and Where to Start)

Learn How you'll get into Copywriting (Step-by-step) — what's the first step you have to take — Immerse in Information, Copywork, Practice, and Implement — Complete Guide on Landing your first Client, etc.

Chapter 4: Draft Writing Your Copy 

Learn the step-by-step process of First and Final Draft Writing — Formatting your Copy —  Drafting different types of copy, and Secret Copywriting skills.

Chapter 5: How to Write 

You may think you can write, but you can't without knowing Radical Writing Principles. Learn How to write every day with No Blocks.

Chapter 6: Career as a Copywriter 

See what 4 career options you can choose in the Copywriting field — Learn How to build your own Copywriting product selling Business and make money without any Clients.

Chapter 7: Human Psychology and Marketing Psychology 

You can't write a sellable copy without knowing the Psychology of your audience. — Learn How to use Psychology in copy with Best Marketing Psychology Principles.

Chapter 8: How Great Copywriters Write 

You're no longer a copywriter if you don't steal from others. —  Steal 50+ techniques, patterns, frameworks, formulas, and hacks that 1000s of Legendary Copywriters use.

Chapter 9: How to Become a Successful Copywriter 

The Only Secret you need to know to become successful in Copywriting or nobody will stop you from failing.

Chapter 10: Become a 1% Better Copywriter in 30 Days 

I set a 30 Days Copywriting challenge from scratch to finish that will make you 1% better than others.

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See what FREE BONUSES you'll get after Downloading this Book:

  • Bonus #1: My Guidance for Free. You can text me anytime on Twitter or Instagram.
  • Bonus #2: A Community of 1000s of Twitter Creators.
  • Bonus #3: 1000+ Copywriting Resources and Tool Kit.
  • Bonus #4: 500+ Swipe Files.
  • Bonus #5: 500+ Copywriting Twitter Threads.
  • Bonus #6: 100+ Copywriting Cheat Sheets and Checklists.
  • Bonus #7: 30+ Cold Email Templates.
  • Bonus #8: 20+ Classic Sales Letters for Copywork.
  • Bonus #9: Copywriting Prompts Tool to create Spec Ads for Mock samples.
  • Bonus #10: 50+ Writing Tools to 10x your writing.
  • Bonus #11: 69+ High-Quality Copywriting Templates.
  • Bonus #12: 1000s of Canva Templates for Spec Ads.
  • Bonus #13: 100+ Twitter Threads Templates.
  • Bonus #14: 50+ Headline Writing Templates.
  • Bonus #15: CTA Templates.
  • Bonus #16: 12+ Email Copywriting Template.
  • Bonus #17: 10+ Blog Post Writing Templates.
  • Bonus #18: 1000s of Words of Great Copywriting Vocabulary.
  • Bonus #19: 350+ Copywriting Power Words.
  • Bonus #20: The Best Freelance Writing Course.
  • Bonus #21: Cover Letter Templates.

Total Value: $399

Today Only: $39

After 50% Discount: $19

Due to the thin margins, I don't know how long this offer will be available. I'll double the prices anytime. 


Price increases for every tier:

  • 30 copies at $3 (Sold out)
  • 150 copies at $5 (Sold out)
  • 400 copies at $19 (current price)
  • 500 copies at $39 (Next price)
  • 600 copies at $59

If you think you can't afford it, This is for you:

Are you a Loser or a Winner?

Loser: "I need a guarantee that this book is not a waste of money!"

Winner: "I'm guaranteeing myself that I'm taking this book and turning it into money myself."


Who is this for?

This is Best for beginners, broken, confused, and Fancy Copywriters who write for robots. If you're already a Copywriter with No Sales, No Clients, and No Experience, This book is just made with love for you.

What's unique in this Book? Why should I read this Book?

This Book will show you a step-by-step process from Day 1 to make your first $1,000 by writing your words to sell anything. You'll learn how to write, how to write a draft, and how other Copywriters write. But the biggest part is that nobody on the Internet will give you 20+ Free Bonuses just along with an eBook.

I don't have money right now to Buy this Book.

This Book, Today is on a huge discount which would be a better investment than a Starbucks. And I'm going to increase the price soon due to low Margins and it may go out of stock.

What if you don't Read this Book?

If they don't read this book, you'll struggle more to get into Copywriting — You'll remain a fancy and dull Copywriter — and "Success" will remain an unreachable dream.

What's inside this Book?

See preview here: 4 pages preview of The Modern Copywriting Book.

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The Modern Copywriting (Master the Art of selling through Words)

12 ratings
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