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(Bundle) The Modern Copywriting + Think Like A Great Copywriter


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eBook #1:

The Modern Copywriting

Chapter 1. Introduction: The "Copy" World

Chapter 2. The Mindset of a Copywriter

Chapter 3. The Beginning (How and Where to Start)

Chapter 4. Draft Writing Your Copy 

Chapter 5. How to Write 

Chapter 6. Career as a Copywriter 

Chapter 7. Human Psychology and Marketing Psychology 

Chapter 8. How Great Copywriters Write 

Chapter 9. How to Become a Successful Copywriter

Chapter 10. Become a 1% Better Copywriter in 30 Days 

eBook #2:

Think Like A Great Copywriter

  • 500+ Great Copywriting secrets and lessons from 500+ Great Copywriters.
  • Advanced Copywriting Hacks and Techniques to 10x your sales.
  • Amazing Writing Strategies and Tips to write better than 99% of writers.
  • Fail-proof Marketing and sales Secrets to selling like crazy.
  • Extraordinary Psychology techniques to make your customers crave your products.
  • Practical Examples of how you can do the same things they're doing.
  • Untold and Underrated copy & marketing breakthrough lessons + expert tips.

Who is this Bundle for?

  • If you don't know how and where to start Copywriting.
  • If you want to master secret copywriting strategies.
  • If you want to land your first copywriting client on Twitter or email.
  • If you're struggling in the copywriting field even after much experience.
  • If you want to know how to grab attention and monetize it.
  • If you're interested in Marketing Psychology, Storytelling, and Persuasion writing.

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The Cold Outreach Mastery Playbook: Learn How To Land Unlimited Clients Using Your DMs and Email.

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(Bundle) The Modern Copywriting + Think Like A Great Copywriter

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